Men’s Nice Shoes Code 511

Surface of this product is covered with black natural leather which it has the best quality of Tabriz cowhide leathers and it has respiratory capability for keeping foots in clean and pleasant condition and prevents from sweating and unpleasant smells, the interior lining which is used inside included or it is provided by Mashhad Goatskin leather which it has anti-allergic and antibacterial properties. The sole or the bottom of the orthopedic shoe is produced by Goatskin leather and the design contains ergonomic features it means that the structure and the form of the foot exactly considered in the production, so during walking and standing the pressure of the body defuse all-over the foot with the same force, therefore, foots feel more comfortable with less feeling of pressure then it prevents from tiredness and the pain of backaches. The sole of the shoe made by PU materials (Polyurethane) which are made in Italy and injected directly, therefore, it is very light, stylish and fashionable with flexibility and suitable for wearing in workplace or office.

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